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Build a Stronger Future Together

NDC Board of Directors

Our team of unique and driven individuals embark on a rewarding journey where our skills, talents, and contributions empower others and shape the future of our community.

Together we have contributed over


 volunteer hours!


At NDC, we are focused on creating a better future for our community. Our Board of Directors is a dedicated group of community members pooling our talents and resources together to make this vision a reality. We strive to provide a platform for our community to come together and find common ground in order to create a better tomorrow.

Wilson Anoff

Founder & Chair 

Through our work, we have made a positive impact in our local area. Our programs and initiatives have been embraced by the community, and we are proud of the progress we have made. We are committed to continuing this work and are excited for what the future holds for us.

Interested in a BOD Role?

If you share our passion for empowering underserved communities and believe in the transformative power of the skilled trades, we would love to work with you. Fill out the from below and discover how we can create a brighter future together.

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